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                              FILTRATION MATERIAL

Our Proprietary advancements have been in development for over a decade. With our exclusive technology we are able to manufacture electrostatically charged filter material that has a lower pressure drop, higher efficiency and is much more economically suitable than other electrostatically charged filter mediums. 

Applications Include:

    HVAC - Available in all Merv Ratings

    Respirators - NIOSH rated breathing filters and face masks

    Room Air Purifiers - Pre filtration and Primary HEPA filtration

    Vacuum Cleaners - Allergenic particle control, exit air filtration

    Medical - HEPA and Bacterial - Viral filtration

Product Code: HP

The HP product can be offered exactly as it was before with the same performance criteria it had in the past. It is offered in the following weights:
 HP025  HP030  HP040  HP050
 HP055  HP060  HP065  HP070
 HP075  HP080  HP085  HP090
 HP100  HP110  HP135  HP140
 HP150  HP175  HP200  HP205
 HP250  HP300  HP450


Product Code: NHP

Our NHP product is available in all of the same weights as the HP product. We can match the performance of the HP product with a lower basis weight of NHP product.